Today, I decided to stop at Southern Seafood Market on the way home from work.  This i the first time I’ve been  here, but I will definitely be going back.  I want to start eating seafood more often again; at least once per week.  This shop offers fresh fish caught here in the Gulf of Mexico as well seafood from farther away, such as salmon and lobster.

Going in, I knew I wanted to try something new from the gulf.  Today the amberjack caught my eye.

When I got home, I knew I wanted to prepare the fish simply, so I could actually taste the fish and see how I liked it.  I seasoned the fillet with salt and pepper and heated some butter and olive oil in a saute pan.  When the pan was hot, I seared one side of the fillet for about 2 minutes.

After the 2 minutes, I flipped the fillet and stuck the pan into my oven, which was at 350°.  I left it in the oven for about 3 minutes.  I checked the internal temp by using a paring knife.  You just stick the tip of the knife into the fish for a few seconds.  When you pull it out, touch it to your lower lip.  If the knife is warm, your fish is cooked correctly.  If it is cold, cook it longer.  If it is hot, your fish is overcooked.  You can also use a metal skewer.

This fish turned out to be delicious.  The flavor is mild, but distinct.  I tasted what seemed almost citrusy, but that may have been from olive oil.  I will definitely be cooking this again.  I ate it with a potato that I cut up, boiled, and smashed with a fork, mixing in butter and salt.

I also bought a red grouper fillet, so that update will be coming soon.  If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely go check out Southern Seafood Market in Market Square.

P.S. I’ve been thinking of starting a new project of cooking through a cookbook.  I’d still post these regular style posts, but every now and then I’ll post about a recipe from the book and eventually get through them all.  I’m considering Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook and David Chang’s Momofuku.  Any preferences?  Leave a comment if you have any thoughts.


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