Ad Hoc at Home: Melted Onions

Next up from the cookbooks is Melted Onions from Ad Hoc at Home.  I was excited to try these because of a burger that I’ve had at a local restaurant.  It was called a Zin Burger, and instead of the normal raw onion slices, it had onions that were cooked down in wine.  I knew this recipe wouldn’t be exactly the same since it didn’t hae any wine, but I hoped it would still be good.

I bought the above onions at the Growers Market that takes place each Wednesday at Lake Ella.  The farmer selling them called them Talladalia onions.  It is the same onion, but just can’t be called Vidalia since they weren’t grown n Vidalia, Georgia.  I’m enjoying going to the market every week and seeing what is being grow locally.  I hope to start checking out the other markets held around town throughout the week.

The recipe was rather simple, but just took a little bit of time.  You slice up the onions.

Add salt and cook them down.  Then add butter and a sachet (herbs wrapped up in cheese cloth) and cook some more.          

The onions end up very creamy.  

These also turned out sweet.  I ate them on top of some slice of a rump roast that I made.  Different types of onions may not turn out as sweet.  Later in the week I will try these on a hamburger, and in the future, I’ll make them again using wine for another layer of flavor.


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